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Youth Leadership Initiative

Kids Vote NC and Kids Vote USA are proud to be partnering with the Youth Leadership Initiative to bring you an easy and effective way to allow your students to vote in the upcoming elections.

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Exposing students to voting, which is the foundation of our Democracy, is a crucial tool in developing good citizens and perhaps the most important civics lesson they will ever learn.

The link below will explain the process in detail. Any teacher may sign up and receive a login.

Here are a few facts you may want to know:

  • It is absolutely free.
  • Students may begin voting today and the "polls" don't close until 6 pm on November 4th.
  • Results will be posted on November 5th and will be listed by classroom, school, state and nation.
  • If you have limited access to computers, you may print your ballots from this site.
  • Students with smartphones may vote online.
  • Statewide races are already listed on your ballot but you can customize your ballot to include any or all local elections.
  • If you would like a complete list of all candidates in your district, please go to
  • The site also contains information about candidates, lesson plans, press release samples, etc….we encourage you to explore!

We are interested in receiving your feedback about this process. Please contact me after the elections and let me know what you thought. I want to incorporate your feedback into what we do for the next election cycle.

Kids Vote NC appreciates your passion for inspiring our youth to become involved and educated members of society.

Happy Voting!

Mock Elections Link Mock ElectionInstructions.pdf

Dear KVNC Board of Directors and Program Directors,

We are pleased to announce that we have contracted with Hunter Buxton to be our KVNC Executive Director. Hunter brings a wealth of experience with community organizations and passion for the work of Kids Voting. Her vision and interest in helping us develop our potential and breaking out of our box are qualities that will benefit Kids Voting NC long term. A brief bio follows below. Congratulations and welcome to Hunter Buxton!

We also want to thank Pat Vreeland for her role with KVNC for the past few years. Her depth of experience, dedication to Kids Voting, and ability to work in a changing environment was essential to continuing the program. We hope to recognize Pat for her service at a future meeting. Thank you Pat!

On a practical note, Hunter’s time will be somewhat limited until October due to other commitments. We are planning to use the services of a college intern to help support us through the election season this fall, so please be patient. I also realize that the KVUSA transition is happening at the same time. Please email or call me if you have questions about this process. Hunter will be reaching out to the Board and programs to let us all know about the best way to contact and communicate with her as these details about phone and email are still being worked out. Please look for information about the next Board meeting coming soon. You can reach Hunter by email at

We are excited about our next steps together. Please feel free to share this information with your local stakeholders and let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,
Donna Rewalt
KVNC Board Chair
919-560-0538 office

Click here to view Hunter Buxton's BIO!
Curriculum Activities

Click on the Kids Voting USA box above to reach the classroom activities and correlations to both the Common Core and the NC Essential Standards for Social Studies. For other resources, click on the red box.

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Kids Voting – It’s for students – and they care!
Check out the video below to hear what some students have to say.

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is a private, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that promotes voter participation by educating America's youth about the importance of being an informed citizen and the responsibilities of voting to sustain democracy.

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